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Journey to Become FEARLESS Today - Prof. LaTanya White Growth Mindset Business Coaching Minority Women

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Become FEARLESS Today is a resource and referral network for multi-passionate, melaninated business women. Founded by Professor LaTanya White, an award-winning business coach with a focus on growth mindset and entrepreneurial identity, BFT is powered by Prof. White and other FEARLESS black women in business.


Business Flightplans Designed Specifically For Your Needs

With more than 20 years of experience from Certified Business Analysts, Higher Education, Hospitality, Wellness professionals,  as a member of Become FEARLESS Today, we will help you navigate from fear, doubt, and insecurity to:

  • Clarity in your business
  • Confident in your decisions
  • Competent in your position

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We’ll Be Your Guiding Light

Hey, we know you!!

You are a Dreamer. A Doer. A Change Maker-in- waiting…A Hustler.

So what would it take for you to go to the next level with this idea? Are you too busy? Not enough money?

Or are you feeling a little scared and doubting yourself?

Can we ask you something?…wouldn’t it be just plain wrong plain for you to not explore (not even just a little bit) how you can make an impact on the world with the talent you have been gifted with?


Join Become FEARLESS Today, a resource and referral network and guiding light for multi-passionate, melaninated women like you.

Fly, Girl! You deserve it!


Activational Coaching

You don’t need any more motivation. What you need is action- and accountability. That’s what you will get when you leverage your BFT membership. 

Proven, Vetted Resources

We won’t recommend anything we haven’t tried in our own businesses. We’ll share our challenges, triumphs and stories to make your journey easier. This is a core element of your BFT membership– no more guessing, no more Buyer’s Remorse. Only what you need, when you need it.

Expert Insight & Advice

When you’re faced with a business dilemma and just don’t know what your next step should be, your BFT membership will  unlock the expert insight and advice you need.

The World Is Yours

That’s what you sometimes you need to be reminded of just- how your passion, creativity and sheer talent has made room for you. Your BFT membership will remind you that the world is yours and you are born to fly. 

From Our Founder

Make Your Own Opportunities

What do you all think of when you hear the word fear? Do you think of snakes or planes? Or is it public speaking?

In my line of work, I usually hear the word fear in the context of people wanting to start a business.

As an entrepreneur, I have developed a business that serves the hospitality industry. I have served as a museum management professional. I’ve worked as a professional sales for five years. And over the course of my professional career, I found a way to truly articulate and relate to a specific community that is usually held back by fear when it comes to solving
the world’s most pressing problems- and those are communities of color specifically women of color.


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